Wedding photography products delivered to clients

I often get asked by the clients how their photos can be delivered and what digital or printed products I offer. A designer photo box, in glass or wood, is a nice way to present your best prints. I now use this elegant looking wooden USB thumb drive or an elegant crystal USB with a rose-gold cap and laser engraved logo to put digital files on it. It has a bright and airy feel.
Photography delivery on USB drive with Olga Rosi Photography logo
Just after the wedding if something is most awaited it is the pictures of the wedding and nothing else that matters.
The wedding photography post-production begins with backup, and backup of the backup. And after that the following stages fall in place: culling the images from the wedding, RAW images processing including color and exposure correction, exporting, additional retouching, uploading to the online gallery. After I share the gallery with the client, we move to selecting images for the album and preparing the photo album design.
Now we’ve reached the delivery stage of post-production process. It usually takes from two to four weeks from the wedding day photo shoot.

We deliver photos of your Algarve wedding by uploading them to a password-protected private online gallery. The secure link is then shared with the couple and after they see the gallery and approve the collections, they can share the link and password with the family and guests. This way the couple controls who among their family or friends has the access to their wedding photos. It’s a handy tool to store sets of favourites, download your high-resolution digital files, order prints for different occasions to hang in your home or hand as a gift! The online gallery stays active for one year from the upload date unless the client decides to prolong the hosting of the gallery for another year for an extra fee.

We also provide the service of album design and our album design artist will w reach out within 3 months after the gallery is delivered. We make sure the clients have received their design and working on any revision they request. 

What is a Wedding Album?

Surely your parents and grandparents have a family heirloom – a wedding photo album. An impressive book with thick pages carefully preserves unforgettable moments from their lives, captured in black-and-white and color photographs, which, years later, are watched with interest by their children and grandchildren. A photobook is wedding photographs united by a single design that harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the album. 

Due to vivid shots, their unusual combinations or, on the contrary, consistent narration, a bright, unforgettable wedding day, filled with beauty and love, appearing when flipping through the pages of the photobook. The photobook perfectly conveys the mood of the day, through the years, preserving its unique atmosphere – lyrical or noisy, pensive or impulsive.

We aim to capture the essence of each of our couples. Aside from producing wonderful pictures, our priority is to make the process of being photographed as easy and enjoyable for you, as possible. We seize each unique day as it unfolds, without interfering. Raw emotions that aren’t forced, authentic moments that are not interrupted by trying to be posed perfectly or moved into a better spot. The connection between you and your fiancé is real. We believe in authentic, passionate, and inspiring photography for the couple who wants to grow old together. Our clients like us because we know how to tie a bow tie, know how to ‘hang’ with the wild groomsmen, and are completely connected to them as a couple. But they also trust us because we know trust is earned and we work like heck to earn it. Most of all, we honestly, furiously love what we do for them, and for our reason of why, our two little ones that give us the passion behind our art.

Written by Olga Rosi

Family and wedding photographer based in Algarve, Portugal. Find me in Vilamoura. Blessed to live in Portugal since 2015 with the family and two kids. Hobbies: reading, cooking, writing children books and making music.

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