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Olga Rosi is Algarve elopement photographer, capturing intimate small weddings in Portugal. As a destination wedding photographer in Vilamoura, Alvor, Faro, Lagos, Tavira, Albufeira, Olga offers beautiful artistic photography for wedding celebrations, micro weddings, pre-wedding, engagement and elopement.

Modern Day Elopement in the Algarve is a boutique wedding ceremony for style-driven couples who want to keep it simple but classy, admiring the glorious sunset with the sea view.

Elopement is a popular alternative to traditional weddings that allows couples to get married without the fuss of a big ceremony. Portugal is a beautiful country that offers a variety of options for couples who want to elope. If you are thinking of eloping in Portugal, here is a guide to help you plan your special day.

Choose a Location

Portugal has a variety of stunning locations that are perfect for eloping. The country’s beautiful beaches, historic castles, and picturesque cities offer a variety of options for couples. You can choose to get married on the beach, in a castle, or in a quaint town square. The choice is yours.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is a great idea if you are eloping in Portugal. A wedding planner can help you navigate the legal requirements and plan all the details of your special day. They can also help you choose a location, find vendors, and book accommodations.

Check the Legal Requirements

Before you can get married in Portugal, you will need to meet the legal requirements. To get married in Portugal, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Passport or ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of no impediment
  • Proof of residency (if applicable)

You will also need to schedule an appointment with the local civil registry office to obtain a marriage license.

Choose a Photographer

Portugal is a beautiful country, and you will want to capture your special day with stunning photos. Choose a photographer who specializes in elopements and knows the area well. They will be able to capture your special day in a way that reflects the beauty of Portugal. Get in touch with Olga Rosi Photography for more information about packages.

Choose a Wedding Officiant

To get married in Portugal, you will need to have a wedding officiant. You can choose to have a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. If you choose to have a religious ceremony, you will need to provide proof of your religion.

Book Accommodations

Portugal has a variety of accommodations to choose from, including hotels, villas, and bed and breakfasts. Choose accommodations that are convenient to your elopement location and that fit within your budget.

Plan Your Ceremony

Eloping gives you the freedom to plan your ceremony in a way that is meaningful to you. You can choose to exchange vows on the beach, in a castle, or in a quaint town square. You can also choose to include readings, music, or other elements that are important to you.

Plan Your Reception

After your ceremony, you may want to celebrate with a reception. Portugal has a variety of options for small receptions, including restaurants and private rooms in hotels. You can also plan a picnic or a romantic dinner for two.

Enjoy Your Day

Eloping in Portugal allows you to focus on each other and your love for each other. Take time to enjoy your special day and soak in the beauty of Portugal. Whether you choose to spend the day exploring the city or relaxing on the beach, make it a day to remember.

In conclusion, eloping in Portugal can be a wonderful way to start your new life together. With its beautiful scenery, rich history, and friendly people, Portugal is the perfect destination for a romantic elopement. By following these steps and planning carefully, you can make your elopement in Portugal a day you will never forget.

Just because a couple is getting married in a hurry or wanting to keep it small and relaxed, doesn’t mean they can’t do it elegantly.

The Sunset Ceremony is always considered the most romantic as it offers a bit more time for reflection and photos in the most magical light. It’s glorious!

What’s so special about Sunset?

The lighting at sunset for golden hour photography makes for a warm romantic mood and fantastic colour. As the sun sets below the horizon, before things get too dark and we advance into the night, the sky takes on a blue hue with glowing pink clouds that can make for some spectacular images. Bottom line, it’s magical. 

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