Adrienne contacted me one month before their family trip to Algarve. With her husband and two kids they came from Los Angeles, CA to spend a week in VidaMar Resort. Adrienne wanted to have a professional family photographer to capture their holiday. In a relaxed manner, documentary style, while they are walking on the beach. That’s why she opted for Package 1, which suits best for small groups.

Chasing toddlers on the beach might be a tough thing for a photographer. But not for me! I love family photosessions for this joyful mood, playing hide-and-seek, talking to children and making them laugh. I am a mother of two and for the last seven years my kids have been teaching me a lot about love, life and of course photography tricks.

Family photosession in Algarve is a wonderful way to capture your outdoor activity while having a holiday. Family photos become keepsakes you will be cherished forever. Whatever you are doing – relaxing in comfortable interior, playing in the park, walking along the beach, you are the ones who will make the photo unique.

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