The newly wed couple Amit and Vinney came to Portugal from Canada to spend their honeymoon in a picturesque and warm place. They were looking for the most famous and beautiful beaches in Europe and that’s how came the decision to go to Praia de Marinha.
They contacted me several months before their journey to have time for exchanging ideas and inspiration.

At first we tried to get into Benagil cave, but the tide was too high and the wind didn’t allow boats to make tours.

We moved straight to Navy beach (Praia de Marinha) and walked along the trail on cliffs with thrilling views on the yellow rocks and arches. Then we decided to make some WOW shots with waves splashing around the couple. This is one of the most popular beaches in the area with many holidaymakers relaxing on the beach. Yet we’ve managed to climb on a remote rock at the end of the beach, take a dozen of breathtaking images, before the wave suddenly reached them and made the clothes soaked with warm salty water.

It was time to change the outfit and location. So we moved to old town in Albufeira to catch the essence of Portuguese streets, the authentic atmosphere of Algarve.

Let’s create your custom made LoveStory photosession, visiting several impressive locations in the Algarve. Get in touch today and let’s talk!

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