About Estoi Palace

The Estói Palace, is a rococo pastiche, in Faro, Portugal, unique in the region. The construction of palace started in the middle of the years of 1840 completed it in 1909. The interior of the palace, in pastel and stucco, is being restored and will be an inn.

Palacio de Estoi view from gardens

Palacio de Estoi Faro

‘The house, which develops horizontally and is characterized by a large central projecting upper body, presents a facade of a certain simplicity, but reveals in its interior the opulent taste of the time, especially in the decoration of some rooms richly worked of stucco and in whose ceilings are preserved paintings of some interest. The most notable is the large ballroom, which occupies the central body of the house, which is both magnificent and cold in the profusion of stuccoes, mirrors and paintings, signed by some Portuguese and Italian artists of the time. The House of Estói also gathers several canvases of Maria Baretta and Adolph Greno (1854-1901), Portuguese painter that collaborated with Domingos Coast in the decoration of the interior of the Church of Estói.”

Pink and golden ball room in Palacio de Estoi Faro Algarve Portugal

Pink and golden ball room in Palacio de Estoi

The chapel had an aesthetic Louis XV. It was dedicated to the Sagrada Família, represented in a seventeenth-century painting on the altarpiece of the high altar, and it was added to this two sixteenth-century canvases, one painted by Bento Coelho da Silveira.

Beautifull small chapel in the Palacio de Estoi Faro Algarve Portugal

Chapel in Palacio de Estoi

The gardens are developed on three levels, making use of communicating staircases and opposing piles and other architectural elements that still resemble the eighteenth-century gardens with orange trees and palm trees that match its cheerful rococo style.

View from the balcony on the first garden with fountains in Palacio de Estoi

View on the gardens of Palacio de Estoi

The lower terrace displays a pavilion and blue and white tiles signed by Pereira Júnior between 1899 and 1904, the House of the Cascade, inside which is a copy of the Three Graces, Canova.

Beautiful blue tiles azuleju of lower terrace in Palacio de Estoi Faro Algarve Portugal

Beautiful blue tiles of lower terrace in Palacio de Estoi

Palacio de Estoi wedding photographer

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