We know how not easy it is to choose the perfect ring and plan a secret proposal, especially if you have been dating for quite a long time. Especially when she already suspects the question to popup soon. Just imagine if you add another surprise by hiring a photographer, to capture the emotional moment when she says “Yes”! Your new fiancée will be so excited to have beautiful professional photographs to share the great news with her friends and family.

Algarve secret proposal photographerAlgarve engagement photographer

Here is a list of tips from Olga Rosi Photography to plan a perfect secret proposal photo shoot.

  • Hidden or Reveal photo shoot – basically there are two options of secret proposal photosession. Pick the option of secret proposal and a photographer who can be discreet and take awesome pictures from a distance.
    • Hidden – when the soon-to-be fiancé is unaware the entire time, and the photographer shoots the couple secretly from a distance. This option allows you to keep the surprise and make a storybook album of the proposal to be gifted later in the year for Valentine’s Day, birthday, any other special occasion or even as the wedding gift.
    • Reveal – after making proposal and putting the ring, you can let your fiancée know that there is a photographer. Then you can proceed with an engagement session within the same location. In the Algarve it is usually done on the beach with fantastic views on the iconic cliffs and rocks.
  • Introduction – send a few recent photos of you and your girlfriend to the photographer so that they are following the right couple.
    Engagement photographer Algarve
  • Communication – share contact details including WhatsApp number or Messenger with the photographer and give updates like “entering parking now”, “running 10 minutes late”, “wearing white shirt”.
  • Discreet – this may seem obvious, but please don’t look for your photographer or give them the thumbs up before proposing (facepalm!) and give away the surprise.
  • Dress to impress – this is another obvious, but since it’s secret you can’t really tell your girlfriend to get ready for a photosession. Pretending you have plans to have lunch or dinner at a posh restaurant will give you an excuse to wearing nice clothes for the photoshoot.
  • Location – pick an iconic location like the Praia de Marinha, Praia de Camilo, where people often pose for pictures, so the photographer can remain anonymous.
  • Timing – plan the proposal early in the day around 10-11am or later in the day around sunset time for best lighting. Make sure to check the tide for the beach photoshoot not to be swept away by the wave.

Write your comments below and let us know if these tips helped you plan your secret proposal photo session. Share some of your own tips from your experiences. We would love to hear from you!


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