I was contacted by Elsabe from South Africa in the end of May. She wrote she was visiting Lagos in June and it was her first visit to Portugal. She wanted to mark her mom’s 60th birthday with a family photoshoot asking me to arrange it on 9th June and make it a surprise for her mom.  I knew which beach would surprise all of them. And to capture the most important moments of their family togetherness making it timeless…

I have been the Algarve photographer for 3 years here in Portugal. I am pretty sure what makes the Algarve so special as a meeting point for families. Its stunning marine views, golden beaches and beautiful rock formations have magnetic powers. Once you fall in love with the Algarve you will never fall out. I suggested Elsabe go for a family photoshoot on one of the most beautiful places in Lagos, the Dona Ana beach. I know many more special places across the Algarve where you get amazing nature backgrounds for your pictures.

Algarve family and wedding photographer

There are seven people in Elsabe’s family including three month old baby.  That’s why she opted for a Package 2 for a big family photosession. Being a kids and family photographer I know how important it is for the success of the photoshoot that the smallest members feel relaxed and cheerful. So I asked Elsabe what time would be more comfortable for their little baby. As sometimes it is better to choose most relaxed time of the day, just after a day nap and some milk, so all the family will feel more calm and balanced.

Family photosession

We met with Elsabe and her family at the Dona Ana beach on the 9th June as agreed. Then we headed to the beach, chatting, joyful and relaxed. We had a wonderful time together  taking pictures, laughing, admiring the impressive natural views, listening to the sound of the ocean waves and noisy seagulls, enjoying life. We had a blast. Time ran fast. The photoshoot was over in an hour and a half but the most cherished moments of the three generations being together were captured forever to be shared with friends and family, kept as portraits and group pictures in family albums.

If you are looking for a family photographer in Algarve to capture the long waited reunion of your big family, or to celebrate an important family event, please get in touch with me to book your portrait session.

Algarve couple beach photoshoot

Engagement photoshoot Algarve

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