The air in the Algarve is filled with romance. You can make the most romantic wedding proposal in its perfect settings. Why choose the Algarve as your wedding destination? Because the Algarve is completely dedicated to the couples in love… You will enjoy every single moment from making a proposal to celebrating your wedding day and spending your honeymoon in the Algarve.

Here are ten inspirational reasons for getting married in the Algarve.

There are plenty of romantic places

Romantic locations are all around you. Stunning coastline with sandy beaches and underwater caves, reddish cliffs surrounded by green pines and the blue ocean, whitewashed houses scattered on the mountain slopes with ancient castles on their tops… There are plenty of ideal settings for romantic wedding ceremonies, let alone perfect photo opportunities. Is it surprising that the Algarve is thought to be one of is the best destinations for romantic proposals and wedding ceremonies…

Beach proposal photography with stunning view over Dona Ana beach in Algarve by Olga Rosi

Algarve proposal photography with stunning view over Dona Ana beach by Olga Rosi

Breathtaking venues for wedding

Are you are planning to get married in a church with a traditional wedding ceremony? Would you prefer a beach wedding in style? The Algarve has everything for you…..The best wedding venues from ancient cliff-top chapels to luxurious resorts are waiting for you to offer an unforgettable wedding celebration. The most favourite ones are Vila Vita Parc and Vidamar Resort. They provide direct access to the stunning golden beaches. In the Pestana resorts you can get some excellent wedding packages.

Senhora da Rocha wedding ceremony, Portugal wedding photography

Senhora da Rocha wedding ceremony, Algarve

The weather

The Algarve has over 3.000 hours of sunshine per year. So the chances that the weather will be just right on your wedding day in the Algarve are quite big.

Wedding Dressers and Planner

Your big day is your time to shine. Special weddings need special planning and the best wedding planners are waiting for you in the Algarve. Each great wedding plan has a special touch that makes your big day absolutely unique. Brilliant bridal gowns, outfits for the mother of the bride and children, best suits for the groom and groomsmen to suit every taste and occasion…

Wedding dress, bridal prep, Crowne Plaza Vilamoura, Algarve

Wedding dress, Vilamoura wedding

Easy flights

When planning your wedding abroad you have to consider the practical side. Luckily the Algarve is easy to reach by plane from every major European city within less than 3 hours from most of them. Another important thing is that there are plenty of low cost airlines flying into the Algarve. So, your wedding guest is not going to have any trouble finding a suitable flight.

Fabulous Honeymoon

The Algarve not only offers amazing weddings ideas – it can also make your honeymoon heaven. The luxury boutique hotels of the Algarve are perfect for your romantic intimate interludes and tranquil countryside getaways. If you are in for the ultimate luxury choose the Garden Roof suite at Conrad Algarve and enjoy 300sq meters of comfort with private sauna, steam bath and a pool. What an
awesome start of your married life!

After wedding photoshoot in Albufeira, Algarve

Honeymoon photography in Algarve, by Olga Rosi

Plenty of options!

Do you want to get married in the Algarve? You can have both a civil registration and a traditional religious ceremony here. No need to worry about the legalities. The bureaucratic side is not as bad as you might think. With a good wedding planner it can be a lot easier. You can also go for a symbolic ceremony only. There are quite a few excellent wedding celebrants in the Algarve who will make your day with the right words at your wedding ceremony. You can opt for a large and lofty affair at a prime resort or a quiet celebration at a
private villa. There are plenty of types of accommodation from luxury suites to campsites to suit all of your guests’ taste and budget.

Wonderful opportunities for Hen and Stag parties

The nightlife in the Algarve with its numerous clubs and bars is vibrant, especially in the summer. There are so many great options for your Hen and Stag parties with lots of fun and more…. There is always so much to see and do in the Algarve. Before you hit the real nightspots you can go on a boat trip along the coast for a relaxing fishing, watch the sunset and then enjoy a BBQ on the beach. To make a difference you can turn your Hen party into an exclusive glamor photo session.

Hen party photosession in Albufeira, Algarve by Olga Rosi

Hen party photosession in Albufeira, Algarve by Olga Rosi

Cost effective

In the Algarve you can have your dream wedding at a very competitive price, which makes it a great value. If you do some research, you will get a clear understanding of what you want so that to be able to pay for what you want. Anyway, a good idea would be to get a wedding planner to do that work for you. It will most probably save you a lot of time and money and it will definitely keep you away from stress. Though it is not going to be cheap, it will be a good value for you. You can be pretty sure you are going to have a wedding in style in a brilliant setting and still fit in your budget.

Cherished memories

Your wedding destination will always be a special place for you. Your heart will always want to come back to the Algarve time and time again. The pictures taken in the Algarve will always bring you the cherished memories to share with your future children and grandchildren.

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